The Camera Club of New York

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Remember how neat the Aperture Photography Community is? It was founded in 1950s, which is now “vintage” and therefore awesome, and it’s a location for photographers to gather, meet and encourage each other.

The Camera Club of New York is a similar group, except if was founded in 1884 and has connections to some of the most influential photographers and famous photographs in American history. It has helped push forward photography techniques like the autochrome process (one of the earliest color photography) and x-ray photography.

Members of the Camera Club have access to studio space and developing equipment in addition to exhibitions and lectures. There are also classroom opportunities where you can learn about changes in the industry and interact with other dedicated artists.

It’s really important to be aware of these kinds of photographer networking organizations for a couple reasons:

  1. Photography captures the interaction between humans and their surroundings. What better way to develop and practice than to surround yourself with people trying to accomplish the same goal? Surround yourself with photography and photography will surround you.
  2. Photography is not a dead art. It is constantly changing; the technology, the styles, the fashion. Stay on top of the changes and progress personally.
  3. Photographers are awesome. You can find and hang out with awesome people.

I know there are more reasons, what are your favorite ones?

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