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As a website dedicated to Utah photographers, Utah Photography is pleased to keep you up-to-date on opportunities to promote your work! Every month KSL hosts a photography competition, the winners of which are then compiled into a calendar. Pretty sweet, right? Submit your photos and vote for the winners here.


Here is one photo submitted by Michael Boman of Salt Lake County.

Sometimes the hardest part of monthly photography contests is finding inspiration. Utah state is full of beautiful photography opportunities, but it’s easy to miss the beauty that is right in front of you everyday. To help you out, here are some photography opportunities in Utah this spring.

April Photo Opportunities in Utah

Alta in April – Alta Ski Resort, UT
April 1 – April 14, 2013
Alta Ski Resort is known for its snow and skier only atmosphere. As a spring skiing special, the first two weeks of April are full of deals and lessons and events. Grab your camera and take advantage of the spring lighting to get some fantastic end-of-the-season pictures whether of skiers or from the top of the mountain.

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival – Thanksgiving Point, UT
April 3 – April 28, 2013
The Tulip Festival is an annual tradition that draws thousands of visitors. It is a great opportunity to practice your macro photography techniques on the fields of flowers and the competition blooms. Because the campus is large, and they offer fun food music and drinks, it’s perfect for family photos or individual portraits. Bring the family and reward a successful sitting with a picnic surrounded by 10 variants of flowers.

Lamb and Wool Festival – Thanksgiving Point, UT

April 20, 2013
Once again, Thanksgiving Point delights us by offering a day dedicated to lambs and spring. Come capture frolicking lambs and goats or the presentations of traditional sheering techniques. We’d really like to see pictures of that, let us know how you capture that.

Extreme Rhythm Clogging  – Thanksgiving Point, UT
April 20, 2013
Not really sure how much more of an explanation I can give for this that is better than the title itself. The possibilities provided by the movement and color of clogging is an opportunity that should not be passed up.


What other events do you recommend for the April?

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