Famous Photographers: Bert Stern

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Bert Stern is credited with creating some of the most iconic images of the 1960s and the modern, pop-culture persona of the photographer. In addition to photographing the most beautiful women of his time, Bert Stern worked in the advertising and travel world and he worked a little with movies. Stern directed the documentary, Jazz on a Summer’s Day, which the United States Library of Congress called “culturally significant” and which was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Sadly, I believe the persona and unique talent of Bert Stern to be overshadowed by his most famous photographs, “The Last Sitting,” of Marilyn Monroe. It is a conundrum, that his most well-known work also causes his other work to be lost in the books of history. Luckily, he is still alive so the opportunity to delve into the man exists.

There was recently a film made about him, Stern: Original Madman. Even if you don’t watch the film, I recommend checking out the site, it’s a beautiful experience: a light, beautiful style that captures the mystical in reality.

Famous Photographers: John Dominis

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You know John Dominis’ work, even if you do not recognize the name.

John Dominis’ photography holds very little unity in theme or style except stunning. As a photographer for LIFE magazine, Dominis traveled the world capturing moments of history and nature. His work captures something deeply alive, from the photographs of the Korean War and nature images of deer or cheetahs to the relationship of Steve McQueen and his wife and the decline of Mickey Mantel’s baseball career. It is American, in the sense the photos capture a realistically romantic image of the world from an American perspective.

He was recently highlighted by LIFE, you can read the whole story here.

If you decide to learn more about John Dominis realize he is a different person than John Owens Dominis. John Owens Dominis was the husband of Liliʻuokalani, the last reigning queen of Hawaii. Owens-Dominis sounds like a fascinating character and though he is irrelevant to the photography world, I recommend the Wikipedia entry on him.

Famous Photographers: Peter Beard

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American photographer, Peter Hill Beard stands unique in that much of his work is built through his collage of photography, words and other media. He started from a young age, using his photography as a part, and extension, of his writing.

Beard’s work is also unique in that he has done much work photographing Africa, the wildlife and plains and yet he also incorporates photographs of high fashion and socialites.

Some of his photography is strait forward, but much of it juxtaposes its images, such as Carl Sagan’s Croc Alistair and 14 footer.

Beard is known for creating beautiful work, for being beautiful himself and for crafting art uniquely on a wide level. Browse his work for a raw, real perspective of photography and self-expression.


Famous Photographers: Rankin

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Photographer: John Rankin Waddell (works as Rankin)

It makes sense, since London is a hub for fashion, that the Englishman, Rankin, would be considered one of the most influential fashion photographers. His work has been featured in campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world, including Nike, L’Oreal, Hugo Boss, and Coca Cola.

There might be a stereotype of those who are deeply entrenched in the fashion world as people who are out-of-touch and selfish. However, Rankin has taken his talents to South Africa to shoot a BBC documentary and he has worked with Bono on the R.E.D. campaign.

His subjects are varied. He is quoted as saying Kate Moss is the most beautiful woman in the world, but his favorite person to photograph was the Queen of England. (If you want to learn something about Her Majesty’s personality, go read what Rankin says about his experience with her.)